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2014_Lasercap-1571-webWhat is LaserCap?

LaserCap is a physician only, portable home use therapeutic device that uses low level laser light therapy (LLLT) to promote hair growth in males & Females with hair loss.

LaserCap has 224 individual 650nm, 5mW lasers in a flexible dome-shaped membrane that fits comfortably in almost any hat. It is Powered by a small belt clip battery pack and offers you the low level laser therapy power of an in-office clincal unit in the comfort of your home.

How Does it Work?

Simply place LaserCap inside your favorite hat and switch it on. LaserCap operates with a rechargeable battery pack and can be used virtually anywhere. The dome-shaped membrane delivers LLLT to the entire scalp stimulating and preserving hair follicles in patients with hair loss.

LaserCap Benefits

LC kit_newhats_largePromotes Hair Growth – LaserCap is designed to deliver up to 4 Joules/cm2 of laser light energy to the scalp in each treatment session, which improves the cellular respiration and stimulates the hair follicles to produce thicker, fuller, and shinier hair.

Convenient – LaserCap is portable and discreet. It is as simple to use as wearing a hat, so patient compliance is nearly 100%.

Most Technologically Advanced – LaserCap delivers the same power as an in-office dome device, in the comfort of your own home. It treats the whole area of the scalp consistently & evenly.

Non-Surgical Non-Drug Remedy – Simply set up an appointment with us and we will get a LaserCap set up just for you.

LaserCap Was Featured On The Doctors

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