Thread Lift

The PDO Thread Lift is an effective, safe solution that can reduce visible effects of age and gravity on your neck & face. This non-surgical type of facelift results in a beautifully-contoured face without the risks associated with traditional surgery. It can also be used to lift skin around your brows and reduce wrinkles in the neck and décolletage areas.

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How does PDO Thread Lift work?

In this procedure a doctor inserts a cannula loaded with a very fine absorbable polydioxanone thread into the skin or the subcutaneous fat of the specific areas to be treated. The use of a blunt-tip cannula provides lower risks of bruising and swelling as it does not damage any blood vessels during the procedure. Applying tension to the threads provides a lifting effect, tightening sagging skin, especially in the brows, jawline, neck, and décolleté.

Once the suture threads are introduced into the skin, it triggers the skin’s natural self-healing abilities. Your skin will gently react to the PDO threads and an inflammatory reaction is induced, resulting in collagen formation around each thread. This healing process strengthens the skin and is further enhanced by an increase in blood flow to the dermis. As the threads dissolve in the months following the procedure, the newly-formed bundles of collagen keep the skin tight & supple.

Post-procedure  you will see an immediate difference. However, the full results will become most visible a few weeks following the procedure as collagen bundles form around the threads. You can expect an overall improvement in your skin’s texture and appearance because the procedure is effective at diminishing fine lines and wrinkles as it lifts saggy or droopy skin; the desired results can last up to 24 months.

For even more dramatic results the thread lift procedure can be combined with other anti-aging treatments such as Botox, and fillers!

Who can benefit from a PDO thread lift?

If you are looking for a safe, cost-effective and low-impact procedure to restore health and youthfulness to skin in the brow, cheek, neckline or chest areas, you might be a great candidate for a PDO thread lift. Contact us online or just call/text any of our three convenient locations to book a free consultation and learn more!